A popup is a form of online advertising and marketing mechanism. It has a graphical user interface display view, comprising information, images, and a Click to Action (CTA) module. The popup will be activated and shown to the user upon certain actions by him and/or a timer, which will “pop up” on top of the regular content of the site.

WordPress, being the most popular CMS, provides a number of methods for you to add popups to your website. It offers a lot of pluggable additions called plugins. 

Popup plugins will offer an easy way to create a popup for your website. They are widely popular and often used as an effective way to attract more sales, impressions, and subscribers to your site.

7 Free WordPress Popup Plugins in 2022

In this article, we’ll discuss the 7 Free best popup plugins that are available for your WordPress website.

1. FireBox

WordPress Popup Plugin - FireBox

While being a new WordPress popup plugin compared to others in our list, FireBox hasn’t left out any of the features provided by other plugins. It has a beautiful and modern interface, which will make you feel obsessed with it at first glance. 

FireBox is based on the WordPress block editor (Gutenberg), which will offer users a brand new popup editing experience. You can insert, re-arrange and change the styling of your popups effortlessly with FireBox. Moreover, FireBox provides support for various popup types, including but not limited to newsletter opt-ins, contact forms, modals, floating bars, sidebars, sticky bars, scroll boxes, fullscreen overlays, and cookie consent notices, and more. 

FireBox provides Smart Triggers. Unlike most of the plugins, FireBox consists of more triggers that help to implement the conversion successfully. On Page Load, on Scroll, on a Specific Element’s Visibility, Exit Intent, on Click/Hover,  Idle (Inactivity), AdBlock detection are only a few from the heap of triggers offered by FireBox.

Additionally, FireBox has some advanced triggers which will trigger the popup when certain condition(s) are met. For instance, on a certain menu item,  specific URL, a referral tag, specific date/time, a certain user/user role, geographical data, browser, and operating system. It also provides the ability to create your own triggers using PHP. Thus, your imagination is the only limit with FireBox.

Price: Feature-rich lite version, Pro versions cost from 39€/year to 79€/year.

2. OptinMonster


OptinMonster is claimed to be the ultimate WordPress popup plugin with more than 1 million users. It’ll help you generate leads, increase sales and get email subscribers.

Moreover, OptinMonster allows you to convert your visitors into customers and subscribers easily. It comes with a few different types of campaigns and powerful targeting features. Their trademark Exit-Intent strategy is an amazing feature that helps convert leaving visitors into customers and/or subscribers.

OptinMonster comes with a bunch of pre-designed templates and even lets you design your own template from scratch. On top of that, it comes with GDPR and built-in analytics (Google analytics) support. A huge plus of this plugin is that you can use it on multiple websites with one account.

Price: Starting with 9$/month for Basic and up to 49$/month for Growth package.

3. Sumo


Sumo promises high converting opt-in forms to collect email addresses. It can help you increase conversion rates, grow your subscriber list, and ultimately drive more sales to your business. Furthermore, Sumo provides social sharing and seamless integration with Woocommerce while having GDPR compliance.

Sumo provides excellent performance due to loading its code asynchronously and thus causes a minimal impact on site performance. It comes with a lot of pre-designed templates, SEO-friendly features, customized popups based on traffic source, welcome email for new subscribers, and best of all, a free version. 

Sumo’s built-in campaign builder lets you create your own popup design. Furthermore, it offers free customer support for users. While Sumo offers a free version, it’s very limited and injects some banner notifications, which may seem unprofessional to some visitors. 

Price: Free basic package and Pro package for 39$/month.

4. Icegram


Icegram is a relatively new yet very powerful popup plugin that stands out from the rest with its extra features. This plugin can be used to show specific popups to targeted visitors by creating popups, along with Call To Actions (CTA), and ultimately convert them to subscribers and/or customers.

Icegram is basically free to use yet comes with paid extensions/add-ons to extend its features. It provides four different opt-in types called Lightbox style popups, Action bar (in the header and/or footer area), Toast style notifications, and Slide-in messengers, along with 8 more customizable message styles which are available only in the premium package.

Icegram can be integrated with popular email services. Furthermore, it comes with a responsive design that enables displaying popups in multiple display positions and analytical and tracking features. Unlike many other popup plugins, Icegram doesn’t require having an account with them to use the plugin. If you are a power user, Icegram provides extensive customizability as an extra feature.

Price: Free to 147$/annually for the Max plan.

5. Poptin


Self-proclaimed as the best free exit intent popup builder, Poptin also comes with a form builder. You can create popups, opt-ins, and contact forms using Poptin.

Poptin is capable of tracking visitors on the website and showing the intended message at the right time. It uses a powerful exit-intent technology that helps to gain more newsletter subscribers, more leads, and more sales. Additionally, Poptin comes with the ability to create popups, inline forms, advanced overlays, exit popups, and widgets that can be customized using a built-in drag and drop popup builder.

Poptin lets you track and use analytics on your popups, advanced targeting options, and inactivity triggers while integrating with popular email/CRM or marketing platforms. Besides, it offers great features such as A/B testing, high customizability, Drafting, auto-saving features, RTL support, responsiveness, and integration with Woocommerce.

Price: Limited Free account to Agency package for 99$/month

6. TrustPulse


TrustPulse uses a social proof methodology with a modern approach, triggering the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) to get more leads and conversions. 

TrustPulse comes with a social proof notification builder, which can be used to design FOMO popups. The social proof methodology helps you win the trust of visitors for your services/business by providing effective popups, which successfully uses the power of peer pressure (What other people are doing and making them move into I should do the same). Moreover, TrustPulse allows you to choose from two FOMO campaigns called recent activities (Actions taken by other users on your website, purchases, sign-ups, etc.) or On-Fire (Number of people taking a certain action within a certain time period).

TrustPulse can be integrated with WooCommerce, membership sites, and many others conveniently. It comes with real-time event tracking, analytics, and smart targeting while having a very low impact on the performance of the website.

Price: Very limited free package and Paid packages from 5$/month to 39$/month.

7. Popup Builder

Popup Builder

Popup Builder includes one of the simplest interfaces out of the plugins in our list. It offers support for various types of popups, including but not limited to Image popup, HTML popup, Facebook popup, and Subscription. The premium version of this plugin offers support for popup types such as video, Exit intent, web push notifications, MailChimp, WooCommerce, and user login popups.

Popup Builder provides various options and incredible customizability while providing a simple and easy-to-use interface. Moreover, it lets you customize the design as you need and supports integration with popular form and email marketing plugins, Woocommerce, and many more. Moreover, this awesome plugin offers features such as unlimited popups, customizable show/hide options for the popup, responsiveness, showing the pop up on CTA, as exit intent, on scroll, and as an inactivity trigger.

While the free version of this plugin itself offers numerous features, the pro version offers even more added features. Some of the pro features are autoresponder, tracking, and analytics, social engagement support, social proofing such as “ending soon” popups, and the ability to detect ad blockers and show a notification to the user. 

Price: Free version and pro packages with extensions included from 39.95$/month to 149.55$/month.


While using a WordPress popup plugin on your site is a great idea, you might have to struggle to choose the right plugin among the ocean of available plugins. 

In this article, we tried to find a few needles in the haystack of available popup makers. There, we compared various aspects of these plugins, such as their useful features, pricing, ease of use, functionality, customizability, and support for a wide range of popups. Additionally, we also discussed facts like adapting modern approaches, scalability, and most importantly, if the plugin works out of the box with minimum hassle. 

It’s impossible to suggest a specific plugin out of these seven plugins without carefully analyzing your exact requirements. However, generally, we can recommend OptinMonster, TrustPulse, and FireBox, with their features listed above. Of course, you are free to choose any of the plugins from the above list based on your requirements and what each plugin offers.


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