If there is anything we learned in the past is that we need to do a better job on beta testing our software across the world. With that in mind, we’re currently looking for beta testers to help us deliver our exciting next-generation popup builder for WordPress, FireBox

We need some feedback to know how we are doing. Are we moving in the right direction? If you’d like to put FireBox Pro through its paces, provide detailed feedback about what things need fixing and improvements, and contribute to the success of our first WordPress plugin, then we’d love to accept you as a beta-tester.

We’re looking for beta testers for FireBox Pro

Note: FireBox Lite, the free version of our popup builder is available for download in the official WordPress Plugin Directory.

What do I have to do?

In order to make sure that the final release meets all of the goals we have set for it, we’re looking for more people to test and provide feedback on FireBox Pro before its official release.

Here’s what we expect from you as a beta tester:

  1. Install FireBox Pro for testing.
  2. Find bugs, quirks, and missing pieces.
  3. Communicate regularly and provide detailed feedback with the support team.

Why should I help test it?

Once we release FireBox Pro, it will require a paid subscription to download it. By becoming a beta tester, you are not only getting exclusive and early access to its pro-only functionalities, but you are also getting a free license while helping us to drive development and to finish the beta cycle

If you’d like to be among the first to experience new technologies and get an early look at what’s in the works please apply below. 

How to apply

If you want to apply to become a beta-tester for FireBox Pro, please get in touch with us and we’ll let you know about the next steps.


Co-Founder & Team Leader

Tassos is the co-founder and team leader at FirePlugins. With a background in user-centric design and full-stack development, he is dedicated to ensuring that our products are both intuitive to use and aesthetically beautiful.