Comply with GDPR Law With a Cookie-Consent Banner Popup

Ensure GDPR compliance on your WordPress site with a cookie-consent popup. Discover a strategy for transparent user privacy management, enhancing site trust and legal adherence!

Comply with GDPR Law With a Cookie-Consent Banner Popup
22 Dec 2023
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In an era of heightened privacy concerns, navigating the intricacies of GDPR compliance is crucial for website owners. Implementing an effective cookie consent solution with the ever-increasing emphasis on user data protection is necessary. Our latest tactics feature provides a clear-cut strategy for integrating a user-friendly and legally compliant cookie-consent popup on your WordPress site.

Discover how to effortlessly address GDPR requirements, offering visitors a transparent choice in managing their privacy preferences. By utilizing this tactic, you not only enhance your site's compliance but also foster trust with your audience. Dive into the details and ensure your website aligns seamlessly with privacy regulations, building a secure and trustworthy online environment.

How to set it up?

Let's see the steps one by one.

Step 1: Create a Cookie Consent Popup

Go to FireBox -> and click New Campaign

Step 2: Pick a Cookie Law Consent Template

In the open dialog, check the Cookie Law Consent filter from the left sidebar and pick any template from the list by clicking Insert.

Step 3: Customize the popup

Optionally, you can customize the styling of the popup, change the popup trigger, or target a specific audience using the Display Conditions.

Step 4: Activate Campaign

Hit the Publish button, and that’s it! You’ve successfully added a WordPress cookie consent notice to your site! Your site now complies with the GDPR Cookie Law or regional privacy law.

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