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The URL Rule

The URL Rule gives you the opportunity to assign your popup to specific URLs. The flexibility with this rule is quite high because of the fact that you can type in more than one URLs and on top of that you are free to choose just a part of the URL. This freedom means that you don’t have to worry about future domain changes of your site because you can omit the domain name entirely if you so wish.


In the table below you can see which options are available to setup the URL Rule.

URLTarget visitors who are browsing specific URLs
URL MatchesEnter (part of) the URLs to match.
Use a new line for each different match.
Use Regular ExpressionSelect to treat the value as regular expressions.

Use Case

A very common use case for the URL rule is when you know beforehand that the URLs you’re interested in will have a distinct keyword or phrase inside them and you want to target just that. That is usually the case when you’re using an extension which uses URLs in a certain manner and you’d like your popup to be displayable in only those pages.

Useful Notes

It’s good to remember that since you are able to type in parts of a URL, there is a good chance that one URL will include another. For example:

  • /blog/
  • /blog/something-here

You can understand that the first URL part includes the second one because of the fact that it is already a part of the second one. In those cases, while it isn’t really a problem, it is recommended to try and use choices which do not include one another.

Also, if you aren’t familiar with Regular Expressions you’re missing out! A very comprehensible tutorial can be found in RegexOne.

An example for RegEx would be the following, if you want to target URLs that start with the words “blue”, “red” or “yellow” then you can target all 3 of them with RegEx like so, http(s?)://|red|yellow)/the-rest-of-the-url/

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