The Cookie Rule

The Cookie Rule lets you assign a popup on occasions where you know that the users might have a Cookie. You can take advantage of the Cookie's name and its value with extreme flexibility.


In the table below you can see which options are available to setup the Cookie Rule.

Cookie NameFor this option, you have to type in the name of the Cookie.
MatchWith this option, you can select the "Exists" option to see if the Cookie with the Name you typed before, exists.

All the other options are related to the value of the Cookie. You can take advantage of the comparisons below to compare the cookie's content to what you want it compared with.

- Exists
- Is Equal
- Contains
- Starts with
- Ends with
Cookie ContentThis option is visible only when you have selected in the Match Option something other than "Exists".

Whatever you type here will be compared to the Cookie's value according to the Match Type.

Use Case

If you are familiar with all the cookies that your Website might be sending to your visitors, you can fine tune the popup to be displayed exactly when a certain cookie is present and contains a certain value.

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