FireBox 2.1.9

Release Info
Released on 05/04/2024 13:12
  • Implements the Radio button field for the FireBox Form block.
  • Implements the Checkboxes field for the FireBox Form block.
  • Added helpful links when editing a campaign on the right-hand sidebar under the “FireBox Campaign” tab.
  • The Dropdown field in Form block wouldn’t respect the placeholder text.
  • PHP Scripts > Form Success event executes once the first FireBox – Form block present in the campaign is successfully submitted.
  • Improvements on the admin notice message.
  • Improvement: When duplicating form blocks, the Field Name will always have a unique value.
  • Improvement: Remove capabilities from all users when FireBox is deleted and all data should be removed.
  • Improvement: On form submit, automatically scroll to the success/error message.
  • Improvement: Submissions page form list now returns the forms in alphabetical order.
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