FireBox 2.1.7

Release Info
Released on 15/02/2024 13:35
  • Adds PHP Scripts, allowing you to execute PHP code in various events.
  • Adds {fpf cookie.KEY} Smart Tag.
  • Adds {fpf post.KEY} Smart Tag that returns a $_POST value based on a key.
  • Adds {fpf}, {fpf}, {fpf geo.countrycode}, {fpf geo.region}, and {fpf geo.location} Smart Tags that return the user location details.
  • Fix: Searchable dropdowns wouldn't return correct results when searching.
  • Fix: Button wouldn't trigger the campaign when the old FireBox Settings were used, in some cases.
  • Fix: Typos in translations.
  • Fix: On Click > Open/Close Campaigns list may not display valid popups.
  • Fix: Opening Sound wouldn't play in editor.
  • Improvement: Increases how many Brevo lists appear in the List field.
  • Improvement: Renames On Click > Open Another Campaign to Open Campaign.
  • Improvement: In Analytics > Performance chart, make "Views" filter appear after Conversion Rate.
  • Improvement: In Analytics charts, remember the selected filters.
  • Improvement: Adds a "fb-form-success" CSS Class to the popup instance when a form is submitted.
  • Improvement: PHP 8 deprecation warnings.
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