FireBox 2.1.15

Release Info
Released on 20/06/2024 11:59
  • Added: Pro version now supports sending unlimited email notifications in the Form block.
  • Added: Improved accessibility, you can now trap focus within the popup.
  • Added: Improved accessibility, focus is now returned to the last focusable element after closing a popup.
  • Added: Improved accessibility, you can now close a popup by pressing the ESC key.
  • Added: Missing Read Campaigns List (read_fireboxes) capability to administrators.
  • Improved: The Code Editor areas now display prefix/suffix code, indicating that you don't need to type opening/closing tags for custom codes.
  • Improved: Unified the design of notices across all FireBox admin pages for a consistent user experience.
  • Improved: New lines are not preserved in the Email action.
  • Fixed: The default submission state value in the Form block was not updating correctly.
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