FireBox Releases

Stable releases of FireBox
Released on 16/05/2022 18:22
  • Fixed: Referer was not set properly under certain circumstances.
  • Compatibility check for WP 6.0-RC2.
Released on 09/05/2022 18:24
  • Fixed: An issue where the Analytics page required a refresh to show data the first time the plugin was installed.
  • Fixed: Tablet styling should work also on mobile.
  • Preparation for WordPress 6.0 release.
Released on 13/02/2022 23:58
  • Fixed: An issue where popup content would not appear as expected under certain circumstances.
  • Change: Ensures tablet styling is applied only to tablet devices only.
Released on 25/01/2022 17:17
  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.9
  • Ensure FireBox Gutenberg Block can be used in the new Full Site Editor.
Version 1.0.9
Released on 23/12/2021 16:03
  • Fixed: FireBox settings for blocks Image and Button would not display settings for triggering current box.
Version 1.0.8
Released on 23/12/2021 16:03
  • Added: {fpf page.browsertitle} Smart Tag.
  • Fixed: Background Overlay may not re-appear if the popup is triggered on click.
  • Fixed: An issue where in some cases the FireBox Gutenberg block would not display the popups selection field.
  • Improved how block assets are loaded.
  • Updated: The FireBox Settings Gutenberg extension to Button and Image blocks.
Version 1.0.7
Released on 25/11/2021 13:55
  • Fixed: Analytics: A PHP error that would trigger when parsing current date data.
  • Updated: FireBox and FirePlugins logos
Version 1.0.6
Released on 22/10/2021 13:25
  • Added: Support for gradient colors.
  • Added: 5 new AdBlock Detector templates.
  • Fix: Height unit would not save correctly.
  • Fix: Ensure popups appear at all times when previewing it.
  • Updated: Ensure output is safely displayed.
  • Updated: AdBlock Detector preview templates do not require an AdBlock browser extension to preview.
  • Updated: The FireBox button for Classic Editor will now only appear on that page.
Version 1.0.5
Released on 28/09/2021 15:32
  • Added: Confirm dialog when trying to remove an action.
  • Fix: Repeater Field would not display correct field values under certain circumstances.
  • Fix: Repeater Field would not save new fields correctly (messing up ID order of created repeater items).
  • Fix: FireBox Library would display Pro Templates section to Lite users when no templates were visible.
  • Fix: Analytics wouldn't read previously selected toolbar items.
  • Fix: Trigger Point label would not appear correctly when "Hover" Trigger Point was selected.
  • Fix: [Analytics] Timezone wasn't applied when viewing "Today" data.
  • Updated: Search Dropdown Field would prevent choices from appearing.
  • Updated: When WPML is enabled, properly display all supported counry flags.
  • Updated: CSS improvements
  • Updated: "Hide Pro Templates" toggle within FireBox Library should be toggleable when no Pro templates are visible.
  • Updated: Analytics Overview items upgrade UI.
  • Updated: Analytics Overview items overlay when no data are available to not cover the title of the overview item.
  • Updated: Improved validations.
Version 1.0.4
Released on 28/09/2021 15:31
  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.8
  • Fix: Prevent multiple popups with the same ID from being initialized.
  • Fix: Analytics Metrics overlapping UI elements.
  • Fix: Adds time to the calendar of the Datetime Publishing Rule.
  • Fix: Improved AdBlock detection trigger.
  • Updated: Import page button label to "Import".
  • Updated: Translations.
  • Removed: The dashicons library requirement from front-end. All previously used icons are now SVGs.
Version 1.0.3
Released on 28/09/2021 15:31
  • Fix: Analytics would not use saved filters on page refresh.
  • Fix: Analytics Results design issues and responsiveness fixes.
  • Fix: Alignment issues on templates containing login forms.
  • Fix: Warnings while trying to load unrelated files to the plugin.
  • Fix: Opening Behavior > Show Frequency wouldn't be triggered.
  • Fix: Always set cookie in secure mode.
  • Updated: Behavior > Trigger Point icons.
  • Updated: After plugin activation, "Keep data on uninstall" setting should be saved to the database as enabled.
Version 1.0.2
Released on 28/09/2021 15:31
  • Added: Allow filtering when Closing Behavior is enabled and trying to set the popup cookie on close.
  • Added: Auto Focus, a new accessibility option to set focus to 1st focusable element on open.
  • Added: Caribbean Netherlands islands in Countries list.
  • Fix: Impression would not save in a rare occasion when opening a popup.
  • Fix: Popup doesn't show up when is set to trigger on 100% of the page height.
  • Fix: The framework with the latest version wouldnt be used if more than one of our plugins were activated.
  • Fix: Upon saving an analytics toolbar modal, the page would not scroll.
  • Fix: Clicking on a link in Dashboard > Analytics Overview wouldn't save the selected settings in Analytics Toolbar items.
Version 1.0.1
Released on 28/09/2021 15:30
  • Fix: Open/Close tracking wasn't properly saved on non-published popups.
  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.7
Version 1.0.0
Released on 28/09/2021 15:29
  • Initial Release.