How to Upgrade from Lite to Pro

If you are currently using our free plugin and you'd like to upgrade to the Pro version, it is quite easy. Upgrading our plugins from the Lite to the Pro version is by no means different than installing a new WordPress plugin on your site.

And the good news is all your content, settings will remain as it is even after switching to the Pro version. You don’t need to redo what you have already built with the Lite version. You do not have to uninstall the previous version; in fact, you MUST NOT do that.

Let's see how to upgrade to Pro.

Download the Pro version

After purchasing the Pro version you can now access the Pro installation zip file.

  • Go to
  • Login with the details you received in the email after the purchase.
  • Click Download in the Pro Downloads section.

Upload the plugin to your WordPress site

After downloading the Pro installation zip file you will need to upload it to your site. Before proceeding with the upgrade make sure you meet the System Requirements.

  1. Head over to your site’s WordPress dashboard, and click on Plugins > Add New.
  2. Choose the zip file you have just downloaded. Click on install.
  3. Once the plugin is installed, click on the Activate Plugin button to activate the plugin on your site

If you're facing trouble with the installation, check the How to Install a Plugin guide.

Activate Your License

After installing the plugin, you need to activate your license to ensure you receive plugin automatic updates. To learn more details about how to create and manage your license keys, click here.

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