Actions Section

The Actions section allows you to listen on popup events (open, close) and perform actions such as open/close another popup, closed all opened popups, redirect to a page, and more!


Creating an Action

To create a new action click on “Add Action” and a popup should appear with all the available action settings.

Below you can find all action settings, their description and a helpful note.

Action NameSet the action nameThis helps you label each action.
ActionSelect the action to execute when the specified event fires.Open a Popup
Close a Popup
Destroy a Popup
Close all opened Popups
Redirect to a URL
Reload Page
Run Javascript
EventSelect the event of this popup that will fire the specified action.Before Open
After Open
Before Close
After Close
PopupSelect the popup to apply the action to.
DelayOptionally, delay the execution of the specified Action.
URLSet the URL to redirect the visitor to. You can create dynamic URLs using Smart Tags. Example: {url}?box_closed=true or {site.url}?user={}.
Open in new tabEnable to redirect in a new tab.
Custom JavaScriptEnter the Javascript code to execute. Do not include <script> tags. Use me variable to access current popup’s instance.
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