How to enable the Google Analytics Integration

Integrating FireBox Events data into your existing Google Analytics reports is easy and lets you view FireBox Events, such as the Open and Close event, as custom events in your Google Analytics dashboard.

Enable Google Analytics Tracking

  • Go to FireBox > Settings
  • Enable the Google Analytics Tracking option under the Advanced tab
  • Enter your Google Property ID (UA-XXXXXXX-X)
  • Optionally enter the event category label
  • Save

Google Analytics Dashboard

As soon as the Google Analytics Integration is set, you are able to view each FireBox event statistics through your Google Analytics dashboard.

Login to your Google Analytics account . From the left menu navigate to Behavior -> Events -> Overview. You will notice a new Event Category with the name (Most likely FireBox) you’ve set in FireBox preferences.

View All Tracked Boxes

Click on the “FireBox” Event Category to filter all events based on that category.

Then choose “Event Label” as the table’s Primary Dimension. You will now notice a list of all your tracked popups. The ID and Title of the popup are used for the Event Label in order for you to be able to identify each popup.

Now, we are going to add an extra table column regarding the Event’s Action such as the Open and the Close event. Click on the Secondary Dimension Listbox and search for the “Event Action”.

Now, you have a complete picture of all of your tracked popups.

Real-Time Stats

Google Analytics Real Time

Real-Time allows you to monitor activity as it happens on your site or app. The reports are updated continuously and each hit is reported seconds after it occurs. For example, you can see how many people are on your site right now, which pages or events they’re interacting with, and which goal conversions have occurred.

To see Real-Time Events: Select the “Reporting Tab” and then go to Real-Time > Events.

Smart Load of Google Analytics Library

Nowadays website speed is everything and we know it. We don’t want to slow your website down. Thus, in order to avoid duplicate Google Analytics tracking code and increase your page’s load time, FireBox will try to find and use any existing loaded instance Google Analytics library in your page.

If FireBox can’t find any already loaded instance of Google Analytics, the Universal Google Analytics library will be loaded and used instead.

Want to get even more from Google Analytics?

To get the most out of FireBox in Google Analytics, we highly recommend that you configure Goals, Funnels, and the E-commerce options for Google Analytics. Configuring these parts of Google Analytics will not just help you get more from your FireBox Statistics, but give you a much better understanding of your website as a whole.

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