The WPML Language Condition

The WPML Language Condition allows you to select in which language(s) your campaign will be visible to your users. For your campaign to be displayed, your users must view your website in one of the chosen language(s). This condition is obviously used on multi-language WordPress websites that use the WPML plugin.


In the table below you can see which options are available to setup the WPML Language Condition.

MatchSelect how to match the condition.
LanguageClick in the text field to display a dropdown to filter the languages you’d like to use.

You can select multiple languages.

Use Case

Of course, the most obvious use case for the WPML Language Condition is when you want to differentiate the popups into separate languages. You can have different popups for different languages so that your users don’t have to translate themselves.

Useful Notes

In case it hasn’t been clear enough, it is important to note that the language(s) in question are used by your WordPress site, not the Language of the visitor’s browser.

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