The Time Condition

The Time Condition gives you fine control over exactly which time periods of the day the campaign should be displayed. An easy-to-use time picker allows you to choose the starting time and the end time.


In the table below you can see which options are available to setup the Time Condition.

MatchSelect how to match the start/end time.
Start TimeEnter the time to start publishing.
End TimeEnter the time to end publishing.

Use Case

A very common use case for the Time Condition is assigning a popup targeted at the audience reaching your website during peak hours. Of course, each website’s peak hours are different, but nowadays, they are easily distinguishable just by looking at your analytics.

Useful Notes

It should be pointed out that omitting any of the Times is counterintuitive and counterproductive, as there’s no time period this way, and the campaign will always be displayable. It is highly recommended that you use both of them.

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