The Date Condition

The Date Condition is great when you need to display your campaign for a very specific period of date and time. You can select, with precision to the minute, when exactly should the campaign start being displayable and when exactly it should stop.


In the table below you can see which options are available to setup the Date Condition.

MatchSelect how to match the selected start/end dates.
Start DatetimeEnter the date/time to start publishing.
End DatetimeEnter the date/time to end publishing.

Use Case

The most common use case for the Date Condition is when you have a campaign that contains a certain that is only relateable to a very distinct part of the Year such as the Christmas Period or the Summer in general.

Useful Notes

If you type in the date incorrectly, once you save the campaign, the option will try to correct itself.

For example, if you type 2018-02-30 00:00, after saving, you will notice that it has been changed to 2018-03-02. That is because you added two days to February that aren’t there. Therefore, the end result is two days into March.

Also, if you leave the Start Datetime blank, the campaign will start being displayable immediately. If you leave the End Datetime blank, the campaign will never stop being displayed. If you leave both of them blank, the campaign will always be displayed.

Finally, you should know that the date which will be used for comparison is the one your server uses. Take a look on How to change your site’s Timezone

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