The Chart

The Chart is essential to Analytics as with it you can review your popup performances on the selected timeframe and determine whether your popup requires further fine-tuning to make it perform as you need according to your marketing campaigns.


Metrics accompany the chart by providing you helpful metrics such as popup Impressions and Average Time Open data for each day within your timeframe.

Each metric displays the count of Impressions or the average time the popup was open on that particular time frame. Beneath the metric number, you can see a percentage that reflects how your popup performs according to the same timeframe but in the previous period (i.e. if you are viewing current month data, beneath the metric number, you should see how your popup performed the previous month). This is an easy way to see if your popups are performing better than in the previous period.


The Chart is a visual representation of the selected metrics, toolbar filters (including the selected timeframe). The chart consists of 2 axis, the horizontal is the timeframe and the vertical depends on the selected metric. If more than one metric is selected, then two vertical axis will be present (left and right side of the chart) in order to display data for both metrics.

Hovering over the chart provides a helpful tooltip about each day and the metric data for that particular day.

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