Dashboard Analytics

FireBox comes with an Analytics Overview available in the Dashboard of the plugin (FireBox > Dashboard). If you need to take a quick glance at how your popups perform, then this is the page for you, without having to go into the standalone Analytics page.

This section provides 6 available charts:

  • Total Impressions
  • Average Time Open
  • Top Popups
  • Top Devices
  • Top Countries
  • Top Referrers

You can filter the timeframe as well as for which popup to view the statistics for (all or specific popup) via the top right of the screen.

Available filters:

  • Date
    • Today
    • Last 7 days
    • This month
    • Last 3 months
    • Last 6 months
    • Last 12 months
    • Last 16 months
  • Popup
    • All popups
    • Select a popup
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