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Markup your content with structured data to make it more meaningful to search engines. Improve WordPress SEO with types like Product, Event, Local Business, and the popular star rating rich snippet.


Research In this phase we are conducting robust market and user research, analyze our competitors and the collected data, and establish that we are creating something indispensable for our market.
Development In this phase we have planned our development workflow and have started the prototyping process which will lead up to the finished product.
Product page In this phase we have designed how our product page will look and feel and have started implementing it.
BETA Our product is ready to be shared amongst our users to be BETA tested and have crucial feedback on key improvements before its final sent off to the reviewing team.
WP review Our product has been sent to the WordPress review team and is currently being thoroougly inspected. Once the review process is done, we will be ready to launch it to the public.
Launch The product has succesfully passed the review process and launch is imminent.


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