Turn your visitors into subscribers and customers with eye-catching pop-ups

A WordPress Popup Builder
that boosts conversion rate

Turn your visitors into subscribers and customers with eye-catching popups,
modals, floating bars, fullscreen overlays, and slide-ins.

Increase sales & revenue

Sell more to your website visitors and make the most of your traffic.

Grow your email list faster

Turn low-engagement visitors into quality newsletters subscribers.

Fight cart abandonment

Detect if someone is about to leave your site or page.

Collect valuable feedback

Invite visitors to contact you at the exact moment they need help.

Redirect your visitors

Send visitors to the right products and pages at the right time.

Promote special offers

Turn new visitors into first-time buyers with targeted offers.

A new popup editing experience

FireBox is based on the new WordPress Block Editor, Gutenberg which brings a whole new popup editing experience. With blocks, you can insert, rearrange, and style your pop-ups with very little technical knowledge.

A Powerful WordPress Popup Builder

Here are the features that make FireBox one of the most user-friendly WordPress Popup Plugins and lead generation solutions in the market.

Built-in analytics helps you find out which popups are bringing in the most conversions.
Mobile friendly

The web is not just desktops anymore. That’s why Firebox is 100% mobile optimized.

Position everywhere

Configure your popup to appear from any corner of your website.


Control what happens when a certain popup event fires in the browser.

Templates library

Ready to use high quality popup templates so you can start in just a few minutes.

Multiple popup types

Popups, modals, floating bars, fullscreen, powerful conversion tools at your fingertips.

Precision targeting

Every visitor is different. Use precision targeting to show relevant popup messages.

Smart triggers

Detect visitor’s behavior and display the right popup to the right person at the right time.

Popup Template Library

FireBox comes with lots of beautifully designed popup templates that let you get started within seconds. These can then be fully customized to look exactly the way you envisioned.

Pop-up types

Popups. Floating bars. Fullscreen overlays. Slide-ins, 2-step opt-ins, powerful conversion tools are at your fingertips.

Floating bar
Floating bar

Increase conversion with a footer or header sticky bar.

Welcome Mat
Welcome Mat

A screen-filling box that slides-in and pushes the content down.

Yes / No
Yes / No

Let visitors choose the action they want to take next by displaying Call To Actions.

Sidebar popup
Sidebar popup

Turn every page of your website into a lead generation opportunity.

Fullscreen popup
Fullscreen popup

Bring important content to your visitors attention with a fullscreen popup.

Content lock
Content lock

Turn a page into premium content and watch your email list grow.


The most effective and popular way to grow your email list.

Slide-in Scroll Box
Slide-in Scroll Box

High-converting alternative for popup that slides from the corner.

Smart triggers

Detect visitors’ behavior and use smart triggers to display the right popup to the right person at the right time.

Page Load
Show a popup when the page has loaded.
Show a popup when the user scrolls % of a page.
Element Visibility
Show a popup when a certain element is visible to the user.
Exit Intent
Show a popup when the user leaves the site.
Show a popup when the user clicks on an element.
Show a popup when the user hovers over an element.
AdBlock Detect
Show a popup when the user has adblock enabled.
Show a popup when the user is idling.


Every visitor is different. Why treat them all the same? Use enterprise-grade targeting to show relevant messages.

Referrer Detection

Show targeted messages based on where the user is coming from.

Cookie Retargeting

Fine-tune your personalization with custom cookie retargeting.

Device-Based Targeting

Create unique popups for desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

Page Views Count

Display specific offer after the user visits X amount of pages.

Page-Level Targeting

Show targeted popups based on the page the user is browsing.

Geolocation Targeting

Personalize popups based on the visitor’s physical location.

Date & Time Targeting

Target visitors based on the current date and time.

WordPress User Role

Show different messages to logged-in and guest users.

Analytics & Insights

Get the stats that matter. Easily find out which popups are bringing in the most conversions and learn which pages convert the best to level up your game.

All the features you need to succeed

Easily integrate your popups with your favorite WordPress plugins and apps.

Trusted by thousands of users

We bring the experience and knowledge from our Joomla Popup Builder, EngageBox, which is ranked #1 in the Popups category on the Joomla Extensions Directory.


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