The IP Address Rule

The IP Address Rule lets you display a popup to visitors and users whose IP belongs to the IPs or the IP Ranges that you have configured in this rule’s options.


In the table below you can see which options are available to setup the IP Address Rule.

SelectionEnter a list of comma and/or ‘enter’ separated IP addresses and ranges


– 127 (This will catch all IPs starting from 127)
– 127.150 (This will catch all IPs starting from 127.150)
– 127.150-155 (This will catch all IPs starting from 127.150 up to 127.155)
– (This will catch all IPs starting from up to

Use Case

There can be occasions where you can know specific IP Ranges that belong to a company or that you might know the static IP of a user and you want to display to him or to employees of that company a popup containing content exclusive for them.

Useful Notes

IP Addresses can be easily spoofed by visitors just by using a VPN or a proxy of any kind. It is not 100% guaranteed that the IP your server will see is theirs. Also, the users can also have dynamic IPs which means that their IPs are changed by their ISP at regular intervals.

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