Star Rating Block

The Star Rating WordPress Gutenberg block is a customizable tool that captures and displays valuable user feedback in visually appealing star ratings. It's an essential addition to your WordPress website for boosting your online reputation, building trust with your audience, and increasing sales.

4/5 rating

How to use the Star Rating block on your WordPress posts

To add a Star Rating to your site, you will need to have the Star Rating block enabled under FireBlocks.

You can manage your blocks by reading more here.

Once you have the Star Rating block enabled, it’s as simple as following the steps listed below:

Within the Gutenberg editor, click on the plus sign, search for “Star Rating” under the FireBlocks category, and select it.

Once you have placed the Star Rating block on your page, you can start customizing it.

Block Settings

Below we will explain each section and its settings provided by the Star Rating block.

Star Rating

Customize the star rating. Set the star rating icon, value, max rating, size, support for half ratings, space between items as well as alignment.


Set the block margin and padding.


Set the background color, selected and unselected colors.


Set the border and border radius of the block.

Box Shadow

Set the box shadow of the block.

Block Demos

4/5 rating

4.5/5 rating

8/10 rating

8.5/10 rating

Fully customizable


Can I customize the appearance of the star ratings?

The Star Rating block comes with various customization options, such as choosing different icons, support for half ratings, colors, and sizes to match your website's design.

Can I display half-star ratings with this block?

Yes, you can easily display half-star ratings with the Star Rating block, providing more precise feedback from users.

Does the Star Rating block slow down my website’s performance?

No, the Star Rating block is lightweight and optimized for fast loading times. It does not add any significant load to your website's performance.

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